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The 150-year legend says the wife of a railroad tycoon set fire to her mansion and ran off with her husband’s accountant. Marci Henderson believes the woman has been maligned. When Marci’s former history professor, in town to study Adirondack Railroad Development, offers her a job as his research assistant, she accepts. Their journey to discovery is fraught with murder and mystery that challenges their faith.


As usual, Linda Wood Rondeau's writing has a profound effect on me, drawing me into her story and holding me tight until the end. Her writing style has the unique ability to keep me fascinated with her skill of describing a scene, building it with her unique way with words until I imagine myself there, experiencing whatever is happening at the moment. I highly recommend her as an experienced author.
Carole Brown
Hope Shining Through the Shadows of Suspense








A great story of family dysfunction which turns into a wonderful conclusion with an encouraging future for all, due to one beautiful friend and visitor who helped everyone see each other's life through spiritual eyes. A great read that most everyone will relate to through their or someone else's lives.

David Whipple


What an eye-opening book! So many times we take things for granted in our lives (whether married or not) but this book will remind you that we are so blessed in many ways and most of all with our families and God. Author Linda Rondeau strikes a true note of reality when she pens the problems in a modern family. Misunderstandings, rebellious young people who are trying to find their way, temptations, and more are prominent in this tale. But that's not the least of it. The reader will smile at the mistakes, laugh out loud at some of the antics of the young people, and the take the mother has to them.

Carol Brown



Linda has hit a home run once again! Her book, Who Put the Vinegar in the Salt? is filled with wisdom, encouragement, and the power found in God's Word. This book is oh so much more than shaking the salt shaker. It is about being wrapped up, tied up, and tangled up in Jesus. It truly makes the reader evaluate where they are and where they want to be. Linda shoots straight from the hip to touch our heart!

Linda Rondeau’s inspiring book, Who Put the Vinegar in the Salt?, is an enjoyable read with powerful scriptural truths. Linda’s unique story-telling gift keeps the reader’s attention as she masterfully weaves throughout the book solid biblical teachings. The shared personal, historical, and contemporary stories are poignant, funny, sometimes sad, but always filled with God’s hope and joy.  The book includes a Bible study to be used individually or in groups.

Ivani Greppi, RN 

Although Linda Wood Rondeau writes in a down-home friendly fashion, her words hold the punch of truth and wisdom. With her inviting manner, she welcomes you in and deftly shares how we can be more like salt within the world as Jesus urged us. She helps us see the sourness of the world’s “vinegar” so that we’ll be encouraged and inspired to live within the world glorifying our Lord and Savior. I appreciate everything Rondeau writes. This is no exception.

—Kathy Collard Miller, international speaker and author of more than 58 books including God’s Intriguing Questions: 60 New Testament Devotions Revealing Jesus’s Nature




Is it possible that God will use our worst mistakes toward building our best future? I believe this to be true and this truth is the heart of all my books, whether fiction or non-fiction.

I have found this to be true in my personal life as well. Though my first marriage ended in disappointment, I have been married to my current spouse for nearly forty years. Not only did God right my mistakes, but through the struggle of single parenting, God led me to a long career in human services. Now he has called me to share this truth with you, my readers.  

I am a cancer survivor and a recovering food addict, a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, and friend, among a host of life’s adventures. In each instance, God has turned my disappointments, struggles, and failures into something beautiful. Life lessons I might never have learned otherwise.

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Hosea's Heart

How much does God require a husband to forgive? Aubrey Beaumont, a minister, must face this dilemma when his runaway wife returns. Her many years of drug abuse has taken its toll, both physically and legally. Can he forgive, or will he turn his back on her desperation?


The Fifteenth Article Has Now Arrived!

A futuristic political thriller set in the late 21st century. Edwin Rowlands has been named President-Elect of United Earth. If he successfully passes the Preservation Act upon his succession, he will become the Constitutional Government’s first dictator. Who will oppose him? The Revolutionary Army? The Humanitarian political wing? The Reformists? Or will God intervene?


Miracle on Maple Street Now a finalist for 2017 Selah Awards

“Christmas is a time for miracles,” Ryan McDougal tells his mother, when he is told that a long lost cousin, Millie, has resurfaced after nearly forty years, the cousin whose picture his mother clasped the day his father abandoned him. Though they occurred decades apart, he always believed the two disappearances were connected like opposite links of a chain. With Millie’s arrival, perhaps he might finally receive the answers he so desperately sought. However, Ryan has a third thorn in his side, more devastating than any mystery. His wife, the love of his life, has left his arms and his bed. How long before she moves out of the house and takes his beloved son with her? He prays for his own Christmas miracle. Millie’s anticipated visit prompts Ryan’s mother to reveal secrets that bring all to light. However, when past and present collide, the truth is more than Ryan can bear.


Snow on Bald Mountain A Novelette Sequel

Ryan McDougall still has much to learn about this life called Christian. When his wife tells him she is pregnant, he looks to make a change, especially since Ma’s cousin Millie has moved into the already crowded house on Maple Street. Ryan takes a job as caretaker for a Bald Mountain estate owned by an eccentric, elderly woman. He hadn’t expected to become attached, not only to the natural beauty that surrounds the property, but to the owner herself, the widow of a famous politician and the daughter of an early twentieth-century petroleum tycoon. As the McDougalls befriend their generous employer, Bald Mountain bursts with new energy until a Christmas blizzard and pregnancy complications bring Ryan to his knees yet again.


What I Write

After more than 25 years in human services field, working with the elderly, families in crisis, and protective services for children, I decided perhaps I could reach more people with books than governmental authority.

All my books, even speculative genres, are based upon my human services experiences and represent various psycho social issues, such as autism, widowhood, domestic violence, divorce and separation, societal issues, post traumatic stress disorder, drug addiction, grief, mental illness,and spiritual warfare. My non-fiction writings are sources of encouragement, designed for individual or group study.

And a combination of history, humor, and romance.

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