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Linda Wood Rondeau
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Welcome to the official website of Linda Wood Rondeau, an award-winning author and speaker who embodies the belief that "With God's Grace, Our Worst Past Becomes Our Best Future." Here, you can explore Linda’s diverse writings, from impactful fiction to insightful non-fiction, and discover how her personal journey through challenges like cancer and recovering food addict informs her work. Linda offers her voice and experience on a variety of topics, available for speaking engagements that inspire and transform.

“…GOD can turn our worst past into our best future” 

Linda is dedicated to connecting with her readers—offering a safe space for prayer requests, engaging through her blogs on spirituality and writing, and inviting fellow writers to contribute to her platform. As you peruse this site, Linda hopes you will gain an understanding of God’s love for you. In His mercy and with His Grace, your worst past will become your best future. Browse her books, join her community, and find encouragement and guidance as you navigate your own path, supported by Linda’s deep faith and commitment to sharing God’s grace. 



Linda welcomes comments. Have a prayer request? Email Linda, and she will pray for you. Follow Linida on any of her social media listed at the bottom of this page. Send her an email, she will follow you back. 


As a former Toastmaster, Linda is available to speak to your group. For suggested fees and topics of interest as well as contact information refer to her speaker page.


This site also contains information about Linda Wood Rondeau’s  writings & books, where you may purchase them, what they are about, and sample pages and more. 


Need assistance with your manuscript? Linda is a freelance writing consultant. Get a review of The First Hundred Pages for $100.

What I Write

After more than 25 years in human services field, working with the elderly, families in crisis, and protective services for children, I decided perhaps I could reach more people with books than governmental authority.

"a combination of history, humor, and romance"

All my books, even speculative genres, are based upon my human services experiences and represent various psycho social issues, such as autism, widowhood, domestic violence, divorce and separation, societal issues, post traumatic stress disorder, drug addiction, grief, mental illness,and spiritual warfare. My non-fiction writings are sources of encouragement, designed for individual or group study.

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