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Daily insight into God's teaching in the mundane

From the author of I Prayed for Patience: God Gave Me Children and Who Put the Vinegar in the Salt

Life is a series of adventures. And each adventure shows us more about our God … his power manifested or his gentle patience demonstrated.

God is with us through the mundane and the miraculous, always teaching us how to experience him fully and lean on him every day.

As in the hymn of old, God leads along—sometimes through troubled waters, sometimes through fire, and sometimes by quiet streams. Always, he is with us, directing us, guiding us, and teaching us what obedience, trust, and love truly mean.

Adapted from her long-running newspaper column, each devotional is a revelation of one of God’s many blessings.


 The author has done a very good job of writing a series of encouraging lessons that point to the wisdom of scriptures through observations of everyday life. I enjoyed many of the entries quite a bit including “Secondhand Glows”, “The Body Beautiful”, “The Final Sprint”, and “Friendly Fire. The lessons remind us of how we should be living.

Lessons Along the Way explores typical life events we’ve all experienced or can otherwise relate to and examines the situations from a spiritual perspective. Rondeau’s easy-to-read insights will inspire, encourage and enlighten the reader. The stories nudged me to think about my own life story and what lessons the Lord may have been trying to teach me that I have overlooked. I recommend this devotional as a lovely gift book or an addition to one’s Bible study time.

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