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Glick: My Favorite Alien
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The storyline revolves around Jeremy Bannister, an ordinary skateboard enthusiast whose life takes an unforeseen cosmic turn. This novel takes readers on an exhilarating adventure filled with friendship, courage, and the mysteries of the cosmos.

Set in the dynamic world of Ellis Grove Central School, the story follows Jeremy, a sixth-grader who faces relentless bullying from the notorious Billy Radcliffe. However, everything changes when Jeremy encounters Glick, a mesmerizing alien creature with green scales and a brown robe. As Jeremy, along with his friends, befriends Glick, they undertake a series of thrilling adventures that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Glick: My Favorite Alien is a fascinating narrative, teasing readers with tantalizing glimpses of extraterrestrial encounters, emotional growth, and memory anomalies. It explores the themes of resilience, bravery, and the power of unity. While reading this book, readers will experience a unique blend of the ordinary colliding with the extraordinary.

This forthcoming literary masterpiece sparks the imagination and encourages young readers to recognize their unique qualities while fostering empathy and compassion. With its relatable characters, thrilling adventures, and a touch of intergalactic wonder, this book promises to engage readers from start to finish.

About the Author

L.W. Rondeau is the brilliant mind behind Glick: My Favorite Alien. With a talent for blending genres and conjuring relatable characters, Rondeau crafts tales that transport readers to enchanting worlds filled with adventure and heartfelt moments. Rondeau's storytelling competence has garnered praise from readers and critics alike, making Glick: My Favorite Alien a highly anticipated addition to her impressive work.

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