Linda Wood Rondeau

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Hosea's Heart
a modern-day adaptation of Hosea


How much should a wronged husband forgive?

This time, Aubrey Beaumont’s wife has left for good. Though a single dad with three children to raise, Aubrey diligently searches for his drug-addicted, runaway wife. Fifteen years later, he has relocated from Vermont to Silver Spring where he serves as a respected minister and chaplain. He is caught in a quandary when he is called to a community hospital to counsel a terminally ill patient and comes face-to-face with his long-lost wife.

After leaving her family, Joanna Beaumont becomes a madame for Washington’s rich and powerful. With God’s forgiveness, she desires to find purpose in her final days and negotiates a plea bargain for testimony against her drug-lord lover. She accepts God’s judgment and expects no healing miracle. Her salvation and reunion with Aubrey is grace enough.

While Aubrey can understand his wife’s drug addiction, her romantic liaison with a vicious criminal seems beyond his human capacity to forgive. Does God expect him to rescue her from the bowels of degradation like the biblical Hosea? Why did God bring her back to him only to watch her die?


Rondeau has written an engaging story that demonstrates God’s ability to take all of life’s events and use them to fulfill His desired outcome.

If you’re looking for a romantic thriller that contains captivating characters, appealing romances, and inspiring ideas, grab a cup of cinnamon tea and open up Linda Wood Rondeau’s latest book. Both the story and message are excellent.

Every once in a while I get to read a book that makes my heartstrings play sad and beautiful music. This one has that element. Five stars, Linda Wood Rondeau. Thank you for this book.

From the very beginning, I knew this was not going to be a typical story. Tough topics like addiction, infidelity, and child abandonment are handled with the realistic eye of someone who has seen people at their worst. But the main character's love and devotion sustain the story, and keep us hoping for a happy ending. I was surprised by the complex relationships, especially with Aubrey's best friend Fischer. Linda's writing style doesn't fit neatly into any niche but one: Inspiring Christian Fiction!

It’s difficult to believe that this story isn't real. It was sad and yet, true to life. Aubrey was the most wonderful man, selfless and giving and well as forgiving. Not many people are like this even Christians, so he was unique.

It's impossible to give a rendition of the lives read about here except to say, it's one of the best books I have read in a long while. The author was perfect in writing style, story theme, and characters. It has left me with much to ponder.






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