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Wolf Mountain Legacy

The 150-year-old ruins atop Wolf Mountain keep drawing Marci Henderson. Village legend says the beautiful wife of an older railroad tycoon, after setting fire to their mansion, ran away with his accountant. Was there no way to prove Felicity’s innocence? First, Marci must prove she has the right to walk among the sane.

Dr. Blake Montgomery, a college professor, has come to Collins Bend to work on his book, Adirondack Railroad Development. To aid in his research, Blake hires Marci Henderson, his former student, one he never stopped loving, who is now a widow. When Marci is insistent people are following the two of them, Blake wonders if she is headed for another psychotic episode.

Old emotions surface as the two embark on a suspenseful journey leading them closer to solving the age-old mystery of Wolf Mountain, a journey fraught with suspicion and murder. Along the way, Blake’s faith is challenged, and Marci searches for spiritual truth about the God she had never known.


Hope Shining Through the Shadows of Suspense

As usual, Linda Wood Rondeau's writing has a profound effect on me, drawing me into her story and holding me tight until the end. Her writing style has the unique ability to keep me fascinated with her skill of describing a scene, building it with her unique way with words until I imagine myself there, experiencing whatever is happening at the moment. I highly recommend her as an experienced author.
Carole Brown

A great mystery wrapped up in a gentle love story

 Well written and easy to follow.

  I loved the historical research and how Marci continues to dig into the past while proving that she isn't imagining the strange goings-on in her life. 

… Jane Daly, author


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