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Who Put the Vinegar in the Salt: God's Recipe for a Victorious

The world offers much beneficial self-help advice. Shouldn’t the Christian seek to be the best possible version of themselves? Aren’t we supposed to be good people?
Why not look to the world to solve life’s problems?

Because God has called us to be salt.
While there is much good to be found, like vinegar, the world’s best advice falls short of God’s recipe to live a victorious Christian life.
In a down-home, friendly manner, the author provides analogies, inspirational stories, anecdotes, a wealth of Scripture, and optional study guides for both individuals and groups, inviting the believer to discover God’s desires for his salt.


Linda has hit a home run once again! Her book, Who Put the Vinegar in the Salt? is filled with wisdom, encouragement, and the power found in God's Word. This book is oh so much more than shaking the salt shaker. It is about being wrapped up, tied up, and tangled up in Jesus. It truly makes the reader evaluate where they are and where they want to be. Linda shoots straight from the hip to touch our heart!

Linda Rondeau’s inspiring book, Who Put the Vinegar in the Salt?, is an enjoyable read with powerful scriptural truths. Linda’s unique story-telling gift keeps the reader’s attention as she masterfully weaves throughout the book solid biblical teachings. The shared personal, historical, and contemporary stories are poignant, funny, sometimes sad, but always filled with God’s hope and joy.  The book includes a Bible study to be used individually or in groups.
Ivani Greppi, RN 

Although Linda Wood Rondeau writes in a down-home-friendly fashion, her words hold the punch of truth and wisdom. With her inviting manner, she welcomes you in and deftly shares how we can be more like salt within the world as Jesus urged us. She helps us see the sourness of the world’s “vinegar” so that we’ll be encouraged and inspired to live within the world glorifying our Lord and Savior. I appreciate everything Rondeau writes. This is no exception.
—Kathy Collard Miller, international speaker and author of more than 58 books including God’s Intriguing Questions: 60 New Testament Devotions Revealing Jesus’s Nature


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