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Second Helpings: A Humorous Contemporary Novel
A marriage only God can save

Can her marriage be saved?

Today is Jocelyn Johnson’s forty-fifth birthday. Unhappy with her marriage of twenty-two years, she has planned a noonday tryst with her talk-show cohost. A phone call from her college daughter, a peek into her teenaged son’s journal, a sick preschooler, a Goth daughter’s identity crisis, a middle-school son’s prank, and her husband’s inflamed suspicions, not only interfere with her hopeful birthday plans but throw her family into more chaos than a circus on steroids.

In desperate need of counsel, Jocelyn invites a Christian, her guest from her morning talk show segment to dinner. However, the evening holds little promise of calm. In the midst of bedlam, a forgotten faith rekindles causing Jocelyn to rethink her life and her marriage.

You will laugh and you will cry from the first page to the last as you journey through the day’s events and Jocelyn’s search for Second Helpings.


A great story of family dysfunction which turns into a wonderful conclusion with an encouraging future for all, due to one beautiful friend and visitor who helped everyone see each other's life through spiritual eyes. A great read that almost everyone will relate to through their or someone else's lives.

David Whipple,

What an eye-opening book! So many times we take things for granted in our lives (whether married or not) but this book will remind you that we are so blessed in many ways and most of all with our families and God. Author Linda Rondeau strikes a true note of reality when she pens the problems in a modern family. Misunderstandings, rebellious young people who are trying to find their way, temptations, and more are prominent in this tale. But that's not the least of it. The reader will smile at the mistakes, laugh out loud at some of the antics of the young people, and the take the mother has to them.

Carol Brow,


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