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Having trouble getting attention from a publisher or agent? Do you want to engage your readers and keep them on your page? Are you struggling with various aspects of fiction writing such as characterization, point-of-view, dialogue, setting, narration, or plot development? Do you struggle with a basic understanding of grammar and how to use the rules effectively? Do you struggle with conventional wisdom in the writing industry? Do you need someone to look over your manuscript and identify both your strengths and weaknesses? 

Can’t afford to attend expensive conferences? 


The First Hundred Pages writer consultant will work with you on whatever your writing questions might be. I will review your first one hundred pages for a minimal fee of $100 and consult with you on how to improve your strengths and offer suggestions on how to fix your weaknesses. 


While I offer a substantive edit, I am not a proofreader nor do I offer line edits. However, I will identify common errors. My main goal is to help you develop your writing skills.   


I am a multi-published, award-winning author who has a passion for helping new and struggling authors. I have taught several writing workshops on-line, writers groups, and at several conferences. 


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