Linda Wood Rondeau


Linda Wood Rondeau looks forward to speaking with your group to declare God Is Not Done With Us Yet!

"Life has challenges but God promises abundant life in him."
Linda Wood Rondeau


Former Participant Toastmasters International

Linda has won several awards in her time with Toastmasters completing the CC, CL, and Advanced Level Communicator


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"I have come that you may have life life to the fullest"
JOHN 10:10


General Audience
Being your Best at 50 Plus
Longevity in Marriage

Surviving Cancer
When He Says I Do Then Doesn’t
Retired But Not Dead/Finding Your Passion
How To Write Your Memoir

Christian Groups
When He Says I Do Then Doesn’t
Love Ain’t Just About Sex
The Abundant Christian Life
Who Put the Vinegar in the Salt
Who Turned Off Your Light
Journaling Your Walk
Identifying Your Legacy
From Defeat to Victory
Being God’s Child (I Prayed for Patience God Gave Me Children)

Writers Groups
Creating Strong Characters
The First Hundred Pages
How to Write Outside the Box and Stay Inside the Room
Rules are only Tools
Plotting for the Writer Who Hates to Plot 
Writing to Inspire
Fiction Basics
Where Would Batman Be Without Gotham City?

To discuss possible speaking appearance (rates negotiable) contact Linda!

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