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I Prayed for Patience God Gave Me Children
A humorous Devotional/Bible Study


God indeed has a sense of humor. He chose children to teach us too-smart adults what being his child means, the very special relationship the believer enjoys with our Heavenly Father. We adults experience the same chaos, misadventure, and heartaches as our charges. Through a child’s example, we learn how God nurtures us with his infinitesimal patience. This easy-to-read, often hilarious narrative, uses cartoons, witticisms, anecdotes, quotes, and Scripture study to bring home these truths. A veteran social worker, Rondeau draws upon her many experiences in working with families as well as her personal experiences as a mom. You will want to keep this book close at hand for those moments of weakness and pass the story along to your friends.


This is not fiction. Nowhere near fiction, but definitely entertaining AND educational. The book is filled with pithy quotes, cartoons, and bits of Godly wisdom. If you didn't know before that God has a sense of humor--after all, He created us in His image--you might get a glimmer by the end of the book

I would highly recommend this book to mothers looking for a good devotional. I love how the author paralleled parenthood with godly lessons. Good humor kept me laughing at the beginning of each section too. This book would be a great resource because the examples are relatable on many levels and for mothers at all stages of motherhood.

Linda Wood Rondeau provides funny gems interspaced with Godly wisdom in her devotional, I Prayed For Patience, God Gave Me Children.This parenting devotional brought tears of laughter to my eyes and earned warm heartfelt responses. I loved how Linda wove in stories of how parenting our children helps us understand what being God’s child means. I especially respected how Linda illuminated the Bible’s commentary on ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child.’ Linda treads the quicksand between sparing and spoiling and explains what the Bible really means. I loved Linda’s astute comment, “If children hired parents, most of us would be standing in the unemployment line” I highly recommend this devotional for parents and for grandparents.

Do you want a devotional?
Encouragement in your life?
An understanding of what God thinks of us?
How about a laugh?
Then this is the book for you.
With wit and wisdom, Rondeau shares her experiences from her own parenting and that of others and shows us how God sees us. If you want to dive deep, the work is filled with Scripture and study. If you want to read quickly, the pages can fly by and have you laughing out loud.
You will identify with the vignettes. You will be encourage




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