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The Fifteenth Article
a futuristic political thriller


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Does Chaos in United Earth Foretell a Third Dark Age? In a post-apocalyptic era, factions compete for control of a global government gone amuck. The Network, a system of outworld communities comprised of defectors and Nomadic tribes, has become organized and desires more independence from United Earth’s dictates. Edwin Rowlands, the current governor of Western America Province and President-elect of United Earth, fears if other outworlds follow the Network’s example, the system of one government, one world, one people will collapse. His proposed Preservation Act, the Fifteenth Article of United Earth’s Constitutional Government, would criminalize non-citizenship—past, present, and future—punishable by death without the benefit of trial. As the cry for freedom crescendos, Ahmed Fared, Rowland’s Second-elect, fears a civil war that would usher in a third dark age. He calls upon the God of the Ages to once more intervene in the affairs of men.


Linda Rondeau’s new book is a near-future tale of twisted morality and technology that begins with a clutch to the throat and won’t let go, even after the last page.


The author shows clear imagination, and it is definitely an interesting read.  


The author has evidently given much consideration and context to the present trends and circumstances that threaten such societies: the "Balkanization" or further fragmentation of the Americas and other areas of the globe; pandemic viruses and cataclysmic natural events; centralized regimes and tyrannical rule; euthanasia and population control; mass-media programming and propaganda; conflicts and war….five stars! 


In The Fifteenth Article, Linda Rondeau creates a story world I want to explore and characters I want to know. Rondeau addresses controversial issues our world faces now and will face in the future. She crafts a story worth reading.


A futuristic fast-paced tale, The Fifteenth Article, will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Rondeau knows how to grip the human heart.


A sweeping drama! Rondeau skillfully creates a realistic society on the brink of revolution in the not-too-distant future. Hope, fear, love, faith--the passions of her complex characters draw you into their intricate political intrigue until their causes become your causes.


The Fifteenth Article is a sobering look at a future every American should pray never comes to pass. 

The Fifteenth Article is an incredibly sophisticated thought-experiment about what our future may look like if we continue the path we currently walk. With a sophisticated imagining of a dystopian American government, Rondeau weaves a tale of deep intrigue and suspense. Fans of dystopian sci-fi will want to add this to their “to-read” list. 







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