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Snow on Bald Mountain
Christmas is a time for miracles


Ryan McDougall still has much to learn about this life called Christian. When his wife tells him she is pregnant, he looks to make a change, especially since Ma’s cousin Millie has moved into the already crowded house on Maple Street. Ryan takes a job as a caretaker for a Bald Mountain estate owned by an eccentric, elderly woman. He hadn’t expected to become attached, not only to the natural beauty that surrounds the property, but to the owner herself, the widow of a famous politician and the daughter of an early twentieth-century petroleum tycoon. As the McDougalls befriend their generous employer, Bald Mountain bursts with new energy until a Christmas blizzard and pregnancy complications bring Ryan to his knees yet again.


This novella was an enjoyable read and I admired the characters which is important for me. This is a sequel to the novel Miracle On Maple Street which is next on my list as I continue to explore the writings of Linda Rondeau.
I look forward to reading more books by Linda Rondeau.

I fell in love with the family, the dog, and the eccentric old lady, and I wanted more! Still--it is enjoyable story-telling.

I really enjoyed this novella! What a great way to celebrate Christmas by reading stories like this one filled with God's provision and love for us. Linda Rondeau won my heart through this book. I can't wait to read more of her work.

I was so caught up in this one that I could almost be there with them

This author certainly knows how to bring her characters to life, and I thoroughly enjoyed catching back up with Ryan and his wife and seeing how God has continued to work in their lives. This is another inspiring story from this author that I wholeheartedly recommend.



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