Linda Wood Rondeau

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A Wonderful Love
Sweet Clean Contemporary Romance

Reader Comment:  

Linda's story reflects the classic, A Wonderful Life, however, she writes a classic of her own.

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Midville newcomer and Iraq War widow, Dorie Fitzgerald, despises the frigid Adirondack wasteland that has now become her home.

After twenty failed job interviews, she questions the wisdom of moving to be near her parents. Desperate to belong, she joins the local Community Theater, in production for It s a Wonderful Life. Jamey Sullivan has put his professional life on hold in order to run the family business and to help his ailing father. He signs on for Midville s production of It s a Wonderful Life, although he hopes to receive a Broadway casting call any day now.

When these two meet, they are instantly attracted to one another. However, ambition, demanding children, and a romantic rival threaten to squash their growing love for one another. It Really IS a Wonderful Life is set in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, a perfect backdrop for romance. 



Dorie threw the letter and shrugged as it landed on top of the leftover peanut butter sandwiches. Maybe she should finish reading it, just in case she’d misunderstood the opening paragraph. She picked up the memo again and flicked off the residue along its edges, skimming the next few lines. When done,she subdued the urge to scream. The kids were asleep—finally.

As she read, she mouthed the words with clenched jaws.“Thank you for your interest in Bargains Galore. I am sorry to inform you that the position for which you applied has been filled… Blah, Blah, Blah. Sincerely, James Paul Sullivan…”

Regardless of the perfumed words, they still stung.

“What is it with this town?” She ripped the rejection into pieces and tossed it into the trash. “I can’t even get a job at the local dollar store. Somebody, somewhere, must need a computer programmer.”

Focus on the positive Dorie. Mom’s voice echoed in her memory. She’d spent a great night with the children, her favorite
people, a read-a-thon and Fern Gully, and bedtimes with no rebuttals from Josh or squalls from Emma, all huge positives.


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